Swimming pool equipment and Supplies

Pattaya Pool Shop are suppliers of Pumps, filters, salt water systems, LED lights, Pool maintenance kits, chemicals, pool fittings including skimmer units and overflow gratings.  We have it all.


At Pattaya Swimming Pool shop we will also provide swimming pool maintenance and cleaning services with a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your swimming pool chemical balance, cleanliness or clarity of the swimming pool water.


The pool came out real nice under the budget. My kids love it a lot. It's been 5 years, everything is still working perfectly fine, the appearance is still as new as before.

Aeh Foret


Made a wonderful job, great people.  Can recommend to anyone.


Sopha pina, Bang sarey


The great joys of a concrete swimming pool is that you can have pretty much any shape or size you choose :-) 


The photos above are the latest new swimming pools that we have built in Thailand from the highest possible construction materials including Hayward swimming pool equipment and Cpac concrete

Hayward Logo
Hayward Aqua Rite salt water system
Swimming pool test kit and maintenance
6m x 4m skimmer swimming pool in Leam Mae Phim, Rayong
Large Swimming pool in Udon Thani
12m x 5m infinity edge swimming pool in Khao Chamoa, Rayong

Our pool staff are well trained when it comes to taking care of your swimming pool.  For residential swimming pools we attend twice weekly, communal and condo swimming pools will be three times weekly or every day.  


The main problems we have noticed with swimming pools in the Pattaya area is that pH readings are very rarely checked and swimming pool can become very acidic (chlorine pool) or very alkali (salt pools) which in turn will make the swimming pool water unpleasant to swim, sore eyes and maybe itchy skin.  


Also your swimming pool will start corroding i.e. the pool tile grout will start to dissolve, pvc pipe work corrodes from the inside out and signs of wear will appear on the swimming pool pump and filter system.

Pool cleaning
Hayward Pump

Pattaya Pool Shop

Thailand Pool Shop
Swimming pool construction
Luxury swimming pool step area


Pattaya Pool Shop has been building concrete swimming pools in Pattaya and throughout Thailand since 2011 whilst our foremen and managers have over 30 years’ experience in swimming pool construction and pool systems.


We are, as a team, committed to quality from the start to the finish of the swimming pool construction and also providing after care using our swimming pool maintenance service or providing advice and pool chemicals so you can learn the process yourself.


As a family run business we believe in old fashion values, Honesty, Reliability and Quality.  We hope to keep a long standing relationship with all our customers be it only a advice every few years to us taking full control of monthly pool maintenance, pump room service and pool chemical balance.


All our trades workmen are trusted with whom we have worked together for many years and the materials we use are always of the highest quality because we build our swimming pools to last - built like it’s our own.


Looking after your investment


We really hope that you will spend many years enjoying your swimming pool and making the most of your investment after all as most westerner’s dream of having their own private swimming pool it’s quite simple:

  • Quality construction

  • Grade 'A' swimming pool tiles

  • Regular pool maintenance

  • Water chemical balance

You may choose to use our swimming pool services on a monthly basis to provide that maintenance. We routinely check the water chemical balance, replenish supplies, brief you about any ongoing maintenance required and generally ensure the swimming pool is in excellent condition for when you are ready to use it.


Alternatively, you may decide to take care of your own swimming pool maintenance. Once we have shown you how things work and we are sure you will be confident about what needs to be done - and of course should you have any questions, we are simply a phone call or email away.  Should your circumstances change, we are happy to adjust the service we provide to you or if you are away on holiday let us take care of the pool for a few weeks.



New Concrete Swimming Pool Construction

We specialise in new swimming pool construction mainly within the Pattaya region however some of our customers have requested pools built in Khon Kean, Surin, Buriram, Udon Thani and Kanchanaburi and we are happy to mobilise to most parts of Thailand.  We understand that building knowledge in the countryside is limited and will do our best to help.


Online Swimming Pool Shop

Last year we launched our online Swimming Pool Shop and have seen a keen interest with orders from around Thailand and neighbouring countries. 


Our shop www.thailandswimmingpoolshop.com lists around 500 products that have been selected, tried and tested.  This way we help provide our customers with quality products that will last and that we can guarantee to do the job right.


Swimming Pool Maintenance

Our staff have combined knowledge of water treatment and swimming pool chemicals in order to keep the pool water clean and balance for our customer's enjoyment.  Very important is the ph balance and the chlorine levels.  Electronic testers can be used however paper and droplet testers are without a doubt the most accurate way to test your swimming pool water.  Watch a chemistry program and they always opt for paper and droplet tests over electric pen tests.


We have a large team currently that maintain and service our swimming pool portfolio throughout the Pattaya, Chonburi and Rayong areas.  If you would like a quotation for us to take care of your swimming pool then please send us an email or give us a call.


Refurbish your old Swimming pool

If your current swimming pool is lacking a wow factor then we can help.  We have a large catalogue of previous swimming pool refurbishments that we can show you and can suggest ideas if the current swimming pool system is inadequate or not been installed correctly.  Village constructions that offer a new villa build with the option of a swimming pool tend to be substandard with faults that will arise within a year.  When buying a villa off plan make sure you always get two further quotations for pool construction from companies not associated with the village.


Swimming Pool Advice

It's not all about money.  We are glad to help our customers learn about their swimming pools and gain enough knowledge to take care of their own swimming pool.


Swimming Pool Chemicals

If your pool guy is only adding a liquid chemical to your swimming pool then tell him to stop work and its time you got a company to balance the pool correctly.


The swimming pool service guy should be using the following chemicals

  • chlorine or salt
  • hydrochloric acid
  • sodium carbonate
  • copper sulphate
  • poly aluminium chloride

Monthly swimming pool maintenance and cleaning for a 6m x 4m swimming pool should be 1,500 thb including all chemicals

Swimming Pool Advice

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